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The Brand SZ

 The SZ brand was founded on 1989 by the increasing demand by consumers of products with a salutistic profile.
Over the years the food industry has been enriched by more and more fat and high calorie foods , the nutritional profile unbalanced , which privilege and enhance taste, flavor , shape and presentation , often neglecting the aspect of health impacts .

A sedentary lifestyle , where there is few time for sports and exercise, a poor diet, unbalanced nutrition, are often the cause of numerous health problems, from cardio-vascular diseases, to problems related to diabetes .

re steadily increasing alarms obesity risk , which after hitting the adult population, are touching an age increasingly low.

Consumers often have to choose between giving up the hedonistic pleasure of a sweet product for the sake of your health and satisfy their taste buds postponing care of their welfare.The SZproducts have been developed with a nutrient profile that takes into account the needs of our body , while still maintaining a pleasant taste delicious and will satisfy even the most discerning palates .

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Via Copernico, 2
Cassina de’ Pecchi
(MILANO) Italy

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